JM Memorial Scholarship

At JM Memorial Scholarship, it's our mission to help meritorious students from the state of Odisha to pursue Ph.D programs in US, UK or Europe.

JM Memorial Scholarship & You

This is a top down approach to impact the higher education in India indirectly and directly. India and Odisha in particular is in higher needs than ever for good quality academicians in the higher education institutions. 

Odisha boasts of an IIT, IIM, NIT, Institute of Mathematics, multiple central universities to name a few(Source: Wikipedia)

The quality of education lacks research mindset in general. Our approach is intended to bridge this gap by opening a channel to share and prosper. This initiative will bring the bright and dedicated students from these universities who will directly or indirectly contribute to enhance the education environment back home. It will take some time to create the initial pool of academicians. However, once the the model gets the initial pool, it will bring in many more on its own.

We intend to seek guidance and support from the academicians who have been trained in USA, UK or Europe. We have some of them as advisors in this charitable organization. We  are in touch with various Universities and look forward to participation from the professors and our local group members. 

We are actively coaching few students now. We hope to share our success story in near future. Till then, we seek your support. You can support the cause in multiple ways:

a) Be a Coach / Advisor: If you are a Ph.D. holder in US or UK and in academics, please reach out to us. We need your help to guide the students in the process

b) Volunteers to coordinate with local Universities: We are always seeking for bright students who are eager to pursue Ph.D. We need volunteers who can coordinate with local University contacts in Odisha to spot the bright ones.

c) Professors in Odisha Universities: We need you! Please talk to us and send your best and brightest students to pursue this great career path. 

d) Monetary contribution: 

(d).1 You can make charitable donation which is tax deductible in USA. JM Memorial Scholarship is IRS Section 501 (c) (3) organization

(d).2 You can create a fundraising campaign in your respective organization or in Crowdrise

(d).3 Make a purchase through Amazon Smile - Please make JM Memorial Scholarship as the charity of your choice

(d).4 Paypal - You can donate through the Paypal button which accepts all major credit cards

What's New?

SEP 29, 2015 

We are now a registered IRS designated 501(c)3 charitable organization.